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5 great reasons to attend the Adventure in Intimacy Couples Workshop in Chesham, UK

Yumi and I are excited to tell you that therapists are able to receive 25.5 CPD hours for attending the Adventure In Intimacy workshop on 26-28 June in Chesham with their partner. We welcome you to join us.
The picture below, titled “Our space, their playground, our lives…” was sent to us by Yamel and Al, a couple who attended our June 2013 Adventure in Intimacy workshop in Miami, Florida. Along with the picture, Yamel and Al sent us a letter which included five of the best reasons for any couple to attend the Adventure in Intimacy workshop.















In addition to 25.5 CPD hours, here are five of the best reasons for you and your partner to attend the Adventure in Intimacy workshop on 26-28 June 2015 in Chesham:

1- “Shleppees” become enthusiastic participants:

We have found that in every couple who shows up at the workshop there is “a shlepper and a shleppee”, which is Yiddish for “a dragger and a draggee.” However very soon into the workshop this dynamic disappears, and both parties are engrossed in the learning.
From Yamel and Al’s letter:
“We had never been to a couple’s workshop before, and Al was apprehensive to say the least. Yet, his ambivalence dissipated after only a few moments the workshop had started. This may seem something simple to do for some, yet, for him to shift from wanting to be anywhere else but there, to actually enjoy being there after only a few moments and for the remainder of the workshop, it was delightfully impressive. I give him a lot of credit for being courageous, and for sticking with it long enough to allow something new and a bit scary, to take place within.”

2- Experience true relational transformation in a safe, compelling learning environment:

The workshop teaches that a relationship is not a problem to be solved but an adventure to be lived, and that every frustration in the relationship is a launching pad for growth. Couples get equipped for being successful in this adventure called “our relationship.”
From Yamel and Al’s letter:
“I believe that what facilitated the shifting process from a closed mindset to an open growth mindset, and to welcoming the adventure of our relationship, conflicts and all, had also to do with your uncanny ability to embrace all of us in that room and accept each one of us as “we came”. You gave us the chance to adjust at our own pace until we felt like we belonged there. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for facilitating this shifting process and creating that safe space for us.”

3- Be inspired to dream the “wildest dream” for your relationship…. together:

“When we dream alone a dream is but a dream, but when we dream together, it is the beginning of reality.” says a Brazilian proverb. At the end of the workshop, every couple is prepared and keen to put on the horizon their biggest dream for the relationship.
From Yamel and Al’s letter:
“Your workshop also inspired us to dare dream bigger, to lean on our love and on our commitment so the we could heal and grow together.”

4- Be motivated to Live and Renew your vows:

The workshop gives couples an atmosphere that rekindles their passion and gives joy, laughter and play a new place in the relationship.
From Yamel and Al’s letter:
“The picture we are sending you was created out of the experience we lived in your workshop. The bridge lives where we got married, a beautiful piece of land with a cabin, somewhere in Duchess County, NY. Our kiss is from a day at the beach in Punta Del Este, Uruguay, where we are both from. The black and white pictures of 2 children in the background is of us in our childhood. The 3 faces under the bridge are of our 3 children (Victoria 15, Danny 17 and Ashley 26).
It now hangs from our bedroom wall, and it reminds us daily of the special family we formed, the many blessings we have, and the fragility of it all if not treated sacredly.”

5- Learn a guiding principle that will empower you to have the mightiest bond ever:

The workshop teaches 7 principles and 7 rituals for connection that when embraced and practiced empower each couple not only to be a good couple, a solid couple, a lasting couple but also a creative couple.
From Yamel and Al’s letter:
“Your workshop transformed us in ways we had never dreamed of”
We invite you to join us at our Adventure in Intimacy on 26-28 June in Chesham. Become part of an international group of couples dedicated to making sure their relationship adds to what works well on our planet, and becomes part of the solution to make our planet a safe, joyful, connected place for us all.
We feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to be welcoming couples into their sweetest intimacies.

With warm regards,

Hedy and Yumi