Encounter Learning Centre


What people said about our workshops

“Thank you! I learned so much and am both moved and touched by the experience.” – AW 2015

“The presenters and staff are an inspiration…You are angels for humanity, peace, love and connection. This work is transforming my work with couples. Thank you.” – KD 2015

“This workshop was transformational for every couple – you could see every person finding new ways to relate.” – AS 2015

“It was an amazing experience and one that I will treasure for the rest of my life.” – MJ 2015

“Thanks for your generosity in providing so many hours of expert and highly gifted tutoring in such a short time frame, and for your efforts in connecting with each of us personally.” – PC 2015

“I’m hoping this to be the first of many for us! Got the tools we have actively been looking for for 26 years! Very grateful!” – LM 2015

“Hedy and Yumi were inspirational and excellent teachers. You have shown us the path to a beautiful life. Thank you.” – KJ 2015

“Hedy and Yumi are an amazingly dynamic couple who teach from their hearts. I have learned so much about the power of connection and hope to learn much more in the years to come.” – AH 2015

“This course should be compulsory for all couples. Hedy and Yumi are so dynamic, inspirational and mesmorizing. The support staff are warm, kind and enabling.” – SAB 2015

“Excellent transformation, essential workshop for couples. A ticket to bliss!” – CM 2015

“I feel excited to leave this weekend not only with tools and practise, but with a deep rooted physical and emotional understanding of intimacy. This has been transformative and empowering on a personal and relational level like I never thought possible. I have been to many workshops, this was a different league. Thank you.” – EW 2015

“Make the jump. It is a well worth invested journey for your relationship.”

“This is a transformative course that teaches skills and structures that we used to create a truly healing, supportive and revelatory space between us, and that will continue to be so for many years.” – JP 2015

“I finally feel empowered to have a positive part to play in healing myself and helping my partner heal himself. Yippee! Thank you so much!” – LN 2015

“Thoroughly recommended for those interested in finding out new things around what makes them tick and how to communicate with their partner and loved ones.”

“Recommend every couple go through this.” – ET 2015

“An holistic and revolutionary approach to anyone wanting to improve their long term partner relationship. Much more effective than any form of therapy!” – GL 2015

“I would thoroughly recommend all couples take a weekend to learn how to cross the bridge. Really supportive and potentially transformative experience. Thank you!!” – FC 2015

“If you’re in a long term relationship with someone then you’ll get something out of this! Very special and a very worthwhile relationship investment.” – GC 2015

“Really great course, which I think will be really useful in our relationship. Great presenters and presentation.” – NW 2015

“There is nothing to lose and a lot to be gained from attending this course! I feel better equipped to deal with conflict that may arise and look forward to using these tools when required in future.” – JW 2015

“A wonderful opportunity to put down the weapons and go on a journey together.” – KH 2015

“Invaluable…like 6-7 months of therapy in 3 days, with accessible usable tools”  ES 2012

“It was a perfect course. Initially I did not want to attend; finally, I did not want  to leave…” CW 2012

“All couples should attend this type of workshop even before they set up shop together. We waited 37 years – way too many!”  CT 2013

“This course is priceless. A journey delving into our childhood in a positive way, showing where we came from, what we do and why. Altogether a very powerful course for couples and personal development.”  BC 2013

“This therapeutic and educational process is an enriching voyage that gently, powerfully and with humour takes you and your partner into a collaborative alliance”  KD 2013

“Kids – tired of your parents dumping on you? Men – tired of your wife/ partner nagging you? Women – tired of your man not meeting your needs? Then sign up here!”  RU 2013

“This very unusual course works like a one-to-one series which might have taken six months. It continually engages and teaches one to find our individual way forward in our relationship. Hugely beneficial. JT 2013

“Thought provoking. Challenges long held beliefs about ourselves and our partners”.  JT 2013

“You come away with fresh perspectives, some of which you never knew existed”. GR 2013

“I’m really glad we took the risk! I can now see a way to deepen and strengthen our relationship in a way that allows us to feel safe whilst working through what was previously explosive stuff!”  AO 2013

“A must workshop for adults, parents, teachers, therapists, young people and everyone interested in the challenge of relationships.”  JF 2013

“Thank you so much for a superb 3 days. Cannot fault it. I can feel that it has already made a huge difference to our relationship.”  PG 2013

“As a same sex couple we both felt respected and equally involved. We both learned a lot about each other and have acquired a great tool that will help us reconnect during times of difficulty”  NT 2013

“Totally blown away, surrounded by a loving, healing and wise group of angels, you have helped my husband and I reconnect and I am eternally grateful.”  NC 2013

“Amazing workshop that in a very short space of time has made me discover a great deal of understanding about myself. Thank you”   JG 2013

“Thank you for your calm presence, good pace and structured, full delivery. You made i feel safe to explore personal issues with strangers”  FM 2013

“Life changing, inspirational, hugely valuable for myself and future relationships – thank you”   E 2013

“I have found this workshop really beneficial – a bit of a life changer which I don’t think I expected. Thank you”   ER 2013

“We also want to thank you for the help, encouragement and love given to us on that memorable weekend in November. It was a real turning point, especially after 37 years of married life! We would highly recommend this knowledge to all your participants as it is absolutely fundamental to getting a true understanding of each other’s needs…” – CT & JT writing 6 weeks after the couples workshop 2013.

“I thoroughly recommend this workshop to re-energise your relationship” BK 2014

“Excellent. Very funny, very open and entertaining. I loved it” ED 2014

“This is an undeniably excellent course full of wisdom and humour. It definitely enriched my most important relationship. Forget any hesitation and book now!” PP 2014

“A well run workshop which every couple should undertake to help them in their relationship” DB 2014

“The learning I will take away from this workshop can only improve my own understanding of myself and all my relationships. I am extremely grateful for the energy this has re-awoken in me for my marriage” BB 2014

“It is rare to find a workshop environment so rich in content and experiential learning opportunities held so beautifully and safely by the facilitators. I would highly recommend this to any couple no matter where they are in their life journey together. ” JH 2014

“We have been married for 25 years and wish I had known about this course years ago. Thank you for sharing your vision with us. I look forward to creating some ripples in my life and further afield!” RC 2014

“A powerful tool and structure that I can’t see not transforming any relationship it is used in. Led by the powerful presence and expertise of Sue and support and experience of Brett. What a gift! I have so much relief and gratitude for the hope I now have for all my relationships. Seeing conflict as a tool for growth is genius!” AS 2014

“This is a transformational, warm and supportive workshop. Every couple would gain so much. ” PT 2014

“I genuinely feel a sense of hope for the future of our relationship  having attended this workshop. Thank you. ” SR 2014

“Transformational and full of hope. Thank you. We were blessed with the presenters, support staff and participants. If you are scared, that’s okay, it probably means you are ready.” AR 2014

“Has been an important step into our healing and connection as a couple.” JW 2014

“We would recommend this course to any couple seeking greater intimacy…The 3 days flew by and the lessons will last a lifetime.” – RR 2014

“This is a deeply transformative workshop that can strengthen and bond ANY couple’s relationship at any stage.” – LM 2014

“Really helpful and constructive – lots of practical and useful tools plus great information on the way our brains work, the way we react to one another and to our childhood experiences.” – RF 2014

“A mindful and conscious way to learn about you and your partner’s “stuff” and why it interferes with your relationship. There is a way of clearing the “stuff” out if you are willing.” – JC 2014

“An amazing experience. I’m so glad I took part as it will enrich and unlock my future for the better. It is the best therapy for any couple because it helps you understand your partner’s past which can only help you shape your future.” DB 2014

“A very enlightening experience that will change my interactions with my partner (and others) in a positive way.” PJ 2014


What people said about our trainings

“The presence and compassion of the facilitators is palpable, they work their magic that softens people into warm connection, effortlessly” KLD 2014

“This was a profound eye-opening experience about trusting the space almost as an entity of its own. Thank you for your gentle way of guiding us in this new way of being” SVR 2014

“I have loved it and for me it has taken me beyond what I thought possible. Thank you!” XBC 2014

“Excellent, knowledgeable and real. Great enthusiasm and connection with the group, each other and the process. I thoroughly enjoyed the two days and thank you both for your immense generosity and love of what you do” BB 2014

“A very experiential and effective training run by compassionate and experienced trainers, highly recommended!” CL 2014

“A highly experiential training with fundamental clinical thoughts”. 2014

“The training is transformational, both in my personal relationship and in my view/ perception of how couples can be so powerfully served by helping them create, nurture and maintain connection” BT 2014

“I found the first module to be supportive of the learning and very empowering”. 2014

“This training is from the heart. For those of you who want less theory and more connection, this is the training for you”. PT 2014

“A lot of useful insights, both personal and professional”  CW 2013

“Inspiring, fun, invaluable – thank you. Like no other therapeutic training I have attended – deep, rich and personal”  EE 2013

“A training that will change you”  MM 2013

” A great training where I learned a lot”   DW 2013

“The training is relaxed and safe – a valuable gift to any therapist”  MR 2013

“A new vision – a new window into relationships”   AG 2013

“This way of working/ being leads you to the core essence of creating true connections in relationships”  SVR 2013

“This is, in my opinion, THE way to work deeply with couples in order to create transformation rather than just understanding. Thank you!”   RL 2012

“The presenters were knowledgeable, passionate and engaging and above all – open…. “  MM 2012