Encounter Learning Centre

For Individuals

  • Are you between relationships and want to make sense of what happened?
  • Are you in a new relationship and want to do it differently?
  • Are you in a marriage/partnership and you partner is not yet ready to join you as you try to better your relationship?
  • Are you a Therapist/Coach wanting to explore new ways of working and do some personal work?

If you answer Yes to any of these questions, our Individual Workshop – Making Sense of Relationships is for you!

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This is a unique opportunity to start seeing yourself and your relationships with new eyes and to experience transformational healing and growth. Through a balanced mixture of teaching, demonstrating and practise, you will leave this practical workshop with a wealth of information and experience to use to shape a more satisfying future.

What will you gain?

• Feel the joy in ending destructive cycles with understanding and compassion

• Begin to dissolve your relationship problems with others and enjoy new confidence.

•. Revitalize your relationships with new tools and skills

• Use your new understanding to positively impact all your relationships.

• Let go the past and start afresh.


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