Encounter Learning Centre

For professionals

Learn the art and science of connection!

Deepen your confidence and skill level as a couples therapist. Get a clear map of how to achieve an even more relaxed and responsive way of working with couples, inviting them into deeper connection and healing!

It is an exhilarating blend of experiential work, personal exploration and embedding new skills & understanding that rapidly allows you to effectively increase the sense of intimacy and connection between two people.

Our work is based in the Relational Paradigm and Interpersonal Neurobiology. It is an integrative framework of theoretical, philosophical and psychological principles, which combine many relational modalities.

We offer a Meta-Systems perspective with concepts that can be integrated in many different ways of working. We also offer a powerful intervention called ‘Crossing the Bridge’ that embodies the concepts of working in the Relational Paradigm and specifically with the Relational Space.

We also offer one-on-one and group supervision to support you as you explore, integrate, and deepen your work.