Encounter Learning Centre

Seven Great Reasons for Attending the EcCT Training

EcCT Training, London, 30 June – 2 July 2015 – Click here to register!

1- Discover the most effective approach to couples therapy

You will discover a structured, integrative, relational model for successfully guiding your couples to rise above their reactive “survival dance,” and for empowering them to welcome and embrace full aliveness in connection.

2- It’s time to learn about Three Invisible Connectors

You will learn about “three invisible connectors”, a new process that will motivate your couples to embrace an open growth mindset, and enable them to express emotional intimacy verbally, physically as well as sexually.

3- Be the change you want to see

You will be informed about a paradigm shift of locating the process of change from the focus on content to the focus on process, and specifically the focus on the “space between” the couple.

4- Bring the most valuable new tools to your clients

You will learn how to explore the generative metaphors of “crossing the bridge” to the various neighborhoods of the partner’s world to learn the language and the culture of the “other,” thus becoming “bi-lingual” in the relationship.

5- Replenish your passion and enthusiasm

You will return to your practice newly informed, inspired, encouraged and energized. You will experience new and enhanced ease, flow and grounded presence in your work with your couples.

6 – It’s time to meet amazing Hedy Schleifer in person

“Therapist’s Therapist” and teacher extraordinaire, the lover of life and the world renowned relational healer can’t wait to meet you!

7 – Earn 21 CPD hours


EcCT Training, London, 30 June – 2 July 2015 – Click here to register!