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Testimonials from Hedy and Yumi’s Couple’s Workshop

“We recently attended Hedy and Yumi’s three-day workshop in Miami after being fans of her work for years. It exceeded our expectations on every level and we are only regretful that we did not attend sooner. Our long-term relationship, which was quite good before we arrived, became more enlivened, and the EcCT process facilitated us to go to greater depths in our intimacy. It was such a delicious experience to be held with such care and grace by the skill, warmth, and wisdom of two seasoned professionals. It is rare for us to have mentors at this stage of our lives and careers as we mentor many ourselves. Thank you Hedy and Yumi for your authenticity, intelligence, creativity and humanity.” (Will MacHendrie MD and Carol MacHendriez LISW, 2016)

“We didn’t know what to expect at the “Adventure in Intimacy” workshop in Miami last weekend, but had no idea how powerful it would be. While we are not unique in feeling a rebirth in our marriage after your workshop, it is worthy of a special thank you. So, thank you for your positive energy and the captivating program you so effectively administer.
Thank you for creating the relational space where we were able to communicate at a level neither of us ever experienced. We thank you for connecting us to our childhood and helping us understand the driving forces of our behavior. Thank you for explaining the universal sages of relationships and the various components of the brain that epitomizes what makes us tick. And most of all, we thank you for allowing us to experience first hand the results we achieved by “crossing the Bridge” that has significantly enriched our relationship. We are happy and at peace in our hearts, for the first time in a very, very, very long time and we are motivated to continue using your tools to maintain the connection you have facilitated. Your voices continue to echo in our minds and soothe our souls. You really went above and beyond.” (L&F, 2016)

“After 26 years of marriage, my husband and I realized we still had some important things to learn. We left the workshop not only with practical tools to safely address frustrations and concerns but also with a renewed hope that we can both feel valued, understood and cared for in our relationship. Hedy and Yumi bring decades of experience, science, practice and love to the room. If you and your partner find yourselves “stuck” or even slightly resigned, I would suggest you run, not walk, to the next opportunity to join this lively, warm and funny couple.” (Sonja Meyrer, 2016)

“Hedy and Yumi are masters in the field of development. Their approach for developing intimacy in relationships is a magical combination of educational depth, transformational coaching and practical wisdom. As a result, potential is unlocked and real, meaningful growth (and intimacy!) occurs. We have been married for 35 years, have participated twice in their “Adventure in Intimacy” program, and highly recommend it for couples – at any point in their relationship journey together!” (Heather and Tony Marasse, 2016)

“I am so grateful to have found a space to meet my partner, a chance to hear his voice and to share our emotional experiences. We found this place at the “Adventures in Intimacy” workshop. With the guidance of Hedy and Yumi and the practice over the three day workshop, we are now able to meet each other, really attune to each other, when we communicate. As a therapist, I know how to create this space with clients but found it more difficult with my partner. This adventure would be invaluable to any couple. Additionally, I am excited that my partner is incorporating what he learned in his parenting of our daughters!!!” (Melissa, 2016)

“It has been sometime now since I met you both at Monterey Workshop, and there is no words to express my deep gratitude for the gift you gave to me. The gift, the opportunity, the freedom to love and being vulnerable apart from my adaptive suit is more than anything I have asked for at this stage of my family life. You have made me better person for me and people around me. So, simply Thank You.” (Zori, May 2015)

“Hedy and Yumi gave us a beautiful gift of connection at a recent workshop in Miami.
The powerful tools opened our hearts in a way that we never dreamed possible.
My husband and I renewed our marriage of 50 years and became new best friends filled with love and passion. Our relationship has been transformed and we are eternally grateful.” (Bonnie and Ed Dolan, May 2015)

“Hedy and Yumi’s incredible skill, grace, empathy, wisdom, and humor made us all feel welcome, and created a safe space to open up and extend ourselves. The experiential nature of the workshop helped my partner and me understand and absorb the lessons of Hedy and Yumi in a deep way, and brought our relationship to a new stage. We regularly use the techniques we learned in the workshop to practice and strengthen that newfound connection and understanding; and it has improved our relationships with those around us, as well.” (Elite, May 2015)

“I just wanted to say ”Thank You” both for your work, and for teaching me how to truly listen and understand… I met you 10+ years ago at your workshop, and it changed my life.” (Kris Ccopeland, April 2015) 

“Our three days with Hedy and Yumi were magical. I have always been a person longing for inspiration to do better, be better, and love better – to put it another way to lift up my soul and fill it with grace. And that is exactly what happened. I am especially grateful knowing that I can cross over the bridge to deeper understanding and common ground. Once I am there with my spouse it becomes impossible to hang on to anger and resentment for I have met her on sacred ground and she has met me. And in that moment, we are one, at peace and in love.” (Mary Dispenza, March 2015)

“Chris and I left this weekend with an entirely altered perspective on our relationship. It was truly the beginning of us talking and ‘hearing’ each other in ways we had only been talking around for the past few years. After recently starting at Families by Design, Dr. Laurie Emery introduced me to the ideas and practice of the visit, in addition Chris and I had practiced with her for a session. However, being in that space this weekend we took it a step further and committed to continuing that journey together. This was the first personal development workshop we had attended together after our separate work (Mankind Project, The Gratitude Trainings, etc.)

We left with what words cannot completely capture, a new understanding and connection to each other. Including my agreement to spin around the room and ask him “to tell me more” whenever (and always) he pays me a compliment. It brings tears to my eyes the level of authenticity, comfort, passion, integrity and connection I felt with you both. I am especially grateful for the interest you took, Yumi, in starting the weekend by asking me about my choice to marry Chris and reminding me just by your looking over at me why I was there.

There is more to say, but for now I want you to know that I am jumping up and down and shouting THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU as I type this to you.” (Rebecca L. Marcus, LCSW, October 2014)

“This intimacy workshop did more than just make me realize how deep my love is for my husband, but it helped me rid myself of wounds that I have been carrying since my childhood. To realize that my energy has been stuck in childhood was a huge revelation. I, for the first time, am looking forward to being married to my husband and really sharing my complete being with him for the rest of my life. Thank you Hedy and Yumi for what you have given us. I will always cherish you and I look forward to seeing you again soon.” (Faye Perelis, November 2013)

“It’s hard to imagine a workshop that’s both more submerging and uplifting than this one. This Hedy & Yumi workshop is about bridging from an unconscious child self to a fully engaged adult, and in that way, discovering a practical and magical way to connect with one’s partner and the world. It’s a beautiful and daunting, unsettling and reassuring ritual anyone can use to gain greater insight into the power of connection. WOW!” (Jay White, November 2013)