Encounter Learning Centre

What we do

Helping people – professional and non-professional – to make sense of relationships is our passion!

We are committed and enthusiastic to empower everyone around us to learn HOW they can make their own relationships and of others around them more intimate and sensitising building on their strength and wisdom.

We offer a wide range of unique resources to support both professionals and clients in mastering the art of transforming relationships using the powerful awareness of the Relational Space.

We believe, like Martin Buber, relationships happen not in one partner nor in the other – but in a space in-between that is being constantly co-created by two people. We help people transform their relationships by becoming aware of the relational space and in understanding how to better live and work with it.

To us, a relationship is not a problem to be solved, it is an adventure to be embraced. Conflict is a friend, its growth trying to happen and our essence as human beings emerges in connection when we are in a safe, respecting space.

We will equip you with tools and ways of seeing and being in the space that will help you feel more in control and with choice as to your relationship.

We share with many others the vision of making this world a better place for us all – couple by couple!

Please make use of the free information on this website – lots coming soon! – and join us on one of our many workshops and training days.

We look forward to meeting you!


Noa & the graduates of Transformative Couples Therapy Training